Comfort and Assurance:
When We’ve Had More Than We Can Take

"L" = Look Up

Romans 5:1-11


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Guest Pastor: George Wisley

    George has been married to Linda since July 28, 1979. They have four grown children and seven grandchildren (number 8 and number 9 will arrive soon!). George has a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Emmanuel College of Christian Studies and Cambridge Graduate School. He also did undergrad work at Moody Bible Institute, John Brown University, and the Bild Center for Biblical Studies. He brings over 20 years of ministry experience as a lead pastor, associate and teaching pastor, student pastor, and pastor of worship to his role at CBC. He has served as a church resource and development specialist, and owned and operated a Christian Bookstore in Rogers, Arkansas before assuming full-time staff positions in churches in Arkansas and Missouri. He is a writer and contributor to church curriculum's and has served as a consultant to various publishers during his years in the Christian publishing industry.  He has been a guest lecturer on college campuses, as well as a speaker and music leader for churches, conferences, camps, and campus ministries since 1984.


    His lifelong love of music has always been a common thread throughout his ministry. He has performed with bands, quartets, or soloist since he was seven years old. His primary responsibilities at CBC are leading people in gathered worship on Sunday mornings with the goal of always teaching the people of God about the nature of God – which leads to the worship of God.


    George also teaches classes on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings as well as preaching the morning sermon at various times. God willing, plans are also in the works for a media-based Bible teaching program both video and audio via website and audio via podcast. The goals being to equip and edify the church by helping Christians grow in the grace and knowledge of God through his word, and by teaching teachers – whether pastors, Sunday school teachers or small group leaders how to be better students and teachers of God’s Word.


    George’s wife, Linda is a Bible Teacher at a local pre-school. She has extensive experience in early childhood education and enjoys teaching young mothers about all things Bible, kids, marriage, and whatever she can do to help them with the huge responsibilities of being a wife and mother. She is definitely George’s better half in every respect and is always a faithful encourager of his endeavors.

1. Past justification, present peace, and future glory are God’s gift that He                will never take away. – L- v.1,2

Past event “…we have been justified by (through) faith.”

 Main Idea: Our hope is as secure as God’s love is sincere.  We are secure in our                            salvation as long as God loves us.

                          But … What if God should stop loving us? 

 2.  Our Future Glory is Linked to Past Justification and Present Suffering.

          – L- v.3 - 6

Suffering > produces Character

Character > produces Endurance (perseverance)

Perseverance > produces Hope (in this context, “hope” always means                                          anticipation) It has guaranteed results!

Paul’s point in this passage is to assure us in the truth that God            will never stop loving us.

“Adoption is the highest privilege of the Gospel.  The traitor is forgiven, brought in for supper, and given the family name.”

- J. I. Packer

3. For what kind of people did Jesus die? weak, ungodly, sinful enemies. -L- v. 7,8

God loved us in spite of our unloveliness – NOT because of our loveliness.

4. If it is certain that we have been justified by faith in Christ, it is much                    more certain that we will be delivered from God’s wrath in the future.  L- v.9-11

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