Lesson 1: The Foundation of Real Relationship - Devotion 1


"O God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry weary land where there is no water." - Psalm 63:1


What would it be like to be in a desert, dying of thirst? The sun beating down, your tongue thick and swollen, your skin red and painful...crawling on your knees in the scorching sand, literally dying for a drink. It makes us cringe just imagining it. Then, imagine the same scenario, but you crest a dune only to see an oasis in the distance. It's not a mirage. It's real. WATER!!!


We can see the image in our mind, can't we? You see yourself stumbling down the dune, clothes ragged and torn, as you make your way to the oasis. You fall into the water, now splashing and drinking it in. The relief is almost overwhelming.


Now read Psalm 63. Here, David says that his attitude toward being with God is the same as that as a desert-stranded man longing for water. God's is as precious to David as water is to a dying man. David loves being in God's presence THAT much!


We come into God's presence primarily through meeting Him in the pages of the Bible. That's why He gave it to us in the first place. So the question for you is, "Do I long for God's Word like David longed for God?" Can you honestly say that you want the Bible the same way that a thirsty man wants water?


Think about this:

   - What keeps you from loving the Bible more than you do?

   - What changes can you make in your attitude to fall more in love with God and with His Word?

   - Is there someone in your life whom you can reach out to for help or accountability? How can you partner with them to help you grow               closer to God?

Lesson 1: The Foundation of Real Relationship - Devotion 2


Read this quote and answer the following questions:


"The Holy Scripture of itself is certain and true; God grant me the grace to catch hold of its just use." Martin Luther


Think about this:

   - How does Luther describe the Bible? What does this mean in your own words?

   - How you would describe the Bible to someone else, especially someone who has never read it?

   - What is Luther asking God to do for him?

   - Do you have a similar prayer? How would you voice it in your own words?

Lesson 1: The Foundation of Real Relationship - Devotion 3


"I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands." - Psalm 119:10


With all this talk about reading the Bible, let's make a few things clear: reading the Bible won't make God love you more. Reading the Bible doesn't automatically make you a higher grade of Christian. Reading the Bible doesn't necessarily make you a good person. It's true. You see your motivation for reading the Bible counts. A lot.


God wants you to enjoy meeting Him in the pages of His Word. He doesn't want it to be a chore or something you check off your list of things "good Christians" do. He wants it to be something you look forward to in a relationship with Him.


Consistently learning about God and His ways through reading His Word will lead you to live a life of faith that more closely rembles God. The Bible is vital to your faith. It's the foundation of your daily life as a Christ-follower. But God wants you to WANT to read it. Your motivations for your actions are just as important as the action itself.


If you're struggling in this area, say a prayer that God would work on your heart, leading you to have an attitude like David's, where you seek God with all your heart through meeting Him in the pages of His Word.