AMPLIFY: Obedience

Lesson 13: Free to Obey


Lesson 13, Devotion 1


Find a sticky note, or a small piece of paper and a piece of gum. Pop the gum in your mouth and chew it. As you chomp on your gum think for a moment about how you have been a slave to sin.

When you think of your friends, television shows, or your habits on the Internet, are you still "stuck" as a slave to two masters? Are you trying to serve God, but still serve yourself through your disobedience to God's ways?

As you chew, ask the Lord to help you make different choices that will bring you closer to Him, tell Him that it is only through His power you can overcome and serve only Jesus. When you're done put the gum on the paper. Set the paper out on your dresser or, bathroom counter. That's right. Keep an old piece of gum hanging around for a few days.

Yes, it's a little weird. But that's the point. See, our world is so fast -paced that it's easy to forget things we're trying to focus on. So, you have to shock your brain a little bit sometimes. Seeing a random, chewed-up piece of gum won't be something you pass over. And it will help remind you to thank the Lord you are now free to obey HIm alone.


Lesson 13, Devotion 2

"Jesus replied. "I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." - John 8:34-36

Before we have a relationship with Christ, we are slaves to sin. Sin controls us. This sin keeps us totally separated from God. We are left feeling weighed down by discouragement, frustration, bitterness, and shame. We're stripped of hope. It is Jesus, Himself, who sets us free from sin being "over" us. The freedom Jesus gives is total and complete, full of compassion, love, and peace. However, there is a responsibility that comes with this freedom. We are given an eternal place in the family of God. It means we now not only understand that we are no longer held captive to sin, but we WANT to live in obedience to Christ. In your daily decisions of where you go, whom you spend time with, and what you do, if you're honest, who is in charge of your life?

Is it truly Jesus? Or are you still trying to do things your own way? When we want our own way more than His, we aren't living as His child.

Think about this:

    - Looking back at the list of your choices in your day-to-day life from "The Last Word" in the Bible Study this week, who is really your                  master?

    - If you have been set "free" from sin, what does it mean to be "free indeed?"

Lesson 13, Devotion 3

Take a moment to read this quote:

"The only freedom that man ever has is when he becomes a slave to Jesus Christ." - R.C. Sproul

Think about this:

    - How does this thought make any sense to you? Can you explain it in your own words?

    - How is this completely the opposite of what the world says about freedom?

    - What does it mean to be a slave to Christ, especially as it relates to our conversation about obedience?