AMPLIFY: Suffering

Lesson 25: Through the Fire


Lesson 25, Devotion 1

Look around where you are sitting and pick up the first object you see.


What is its purpose? How do you know?


Just like certain objects have purpose, the suffering we experience has a purpose. Think of a time you went through suffering and can now see its purpose. What was its purpose?


Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the way God used you suffering to bring about good.



Lesson 25, Devotion 2

Imagine for a moment you're Job. One day you're this guy who loves and follows God just minding your own business. The next day everything changes and the craziness begins. Though you don't know why, suffering, pain, and loss are suddenly filling each of your days. Your friends and family mock you. You become ill. You lose all of your livestock and crops. Your family members die. You can't find a reason, and it seems like when you question God, His response is a long lecture! What a life!


Now imagine you make keep pressing on with your faith in God. And the day comes when everything changes.


Open your Bible to Job 42 and read it. Not only does God restore the things Job lost, But He also provided even more. God took care of Job and gave him many more full years. He was never promised all of these good and abundant blessings at the end of this period of time. He had no idea what the outcome would be.


Think about this:

  • How, with all he lost and no promise of restoration, was Job able to maintain his faith in God?

  • How can you follow his example in your own life?



Lesson 25, Devotion 3

This week, work on memorizing Romans 8:28.


Write it on a card and place it on your mirror or anywhere you will see it regularly. Commit it to memory so that when you deal with suffering, you will always have the reminder that God is at work to bring about something that will be for good.