AMPLIFY: God’s Righteousness

Lesson 28: Righteous Reliance


Lesson 28, Devotion 1

Grab the card that you wrote on at the end of this past week’s lesson on pursuing righteousness. If you’ve lost your card or weren’t at the Bible study, here’s the question you were asked to answer by writing on the card:


“How do you think God is leading you to pursue righteousness in your life?”


This is a tough question, and a few minutes at the end of a Bible study isn't enough time to consider the question. In fact, it's a question Christ-followers should be asking themselves on a regular basis because pursuing righteousness isn't something that we ever master this side of heaven.


Take a few minutes with your journal or note-taking app and write what comes to your heart and mind when you ask God, "How are you leading me to pursue righteousness in my life?" Even if you don't feel like you are sensing a specific answer, write what comes to mind for a few minutes.



Lesson 28, Devotion 2


“Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded.” - Romans 3:27


Have you ever met someone who was good at something—and let everyone know it, too? There aren't many more annoying things than someone who wants all the attention to go to him or her. One of the temptations you may face as you commit to pursuing righteousness in your life is to look down on others who don't have the same desire as you. Or, you might hope that while God gets most of the glory, that people would think highly of you as well.


Take a few minutes to read Romans 3:27-31. Then, memorize 3:27 (either the full verse or just the portion that's quoted above). Let that verse be your prayer this week as you pursue righteousness. It will help you remember that even as God helps us glorify Him by pursuing righteousness, we have no room to brag or boast; we were all dead in our tracks without Him.



Lesson 28, Devotion 3

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:16


We’re used to the fact that breathtaking sunsets, impressive mountain peaks, and even terrible thunderstorms can show God’s glory. But we don’t often consider that one of the reasons God created and redeemed us was to bring him glory.


Read Matthew 5:14-16. Then, answer the questions below.


Think about this:

  • We know from Jesus’ ministry that He expected His disciples to tell others about Jesus using their words. So why do you think Jesus only encourages them to do good deeds in 5:16, and mentions nothing in this passage about verbally telling people about God?

  • What are some ways that you’ve seen good deeds—whether your own or someone else’s—bring God honor?

  • In what ways can you make a positive difference in your world (school, home, athletic team) and consequently bring glory and honor to God?