AMPLIFY: Holiness

Lesson 29: God = Holy


Lesson 29, Devotion 1            

“Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them: ‘Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.’” - Leviticus 19:2


Do you have a favorite sports team? If so it’s probably safe to assume you have some gear with your team’s logo on it. If you’re like most fans, it’s more than just a hat. You probably have several hats, a couple of shirts, a few pics on your phone, and maybe even a jersey.


What is it about our teams that cause us to want to be so closely identified with them? Our identification with a team says something about our identity. There is something about who we are wrapped up in who we pull for.


Read Leviticus 19:2. This is the very principle God was getting at. When God ordered Moses to tell the Israelites to be holy, God had one thing in mind: identity. God wanted His people to stand out from the nations around them. Not for their sake, for His. God wanted His people to be identified as people after His heart.


In essence, God was commanding His children to wear His team colors. But instead of clothing, the logo they would present to the world would be “worn” through their words, their hearts, and their actions. How about you? Do you identify yourself with God?


Think about this:

  • Your cap or jacket says which team you pull for. Think about your actions today. What did they say to the world about how strongly you are identified with God?

  • Your identification with God starts with your heart. What steps can you take to create a heart that's holy, and set apart as God's? What changes do you need to make?


  Day 2

Lesson 29, Devotion 2


Today’s devotion is pretty simple. But it can be powerful if you give it your attention.


You’ve learned that being holy is being like God. It’s being identified with Him, in large part, by acting, speaking, or thinking like Him.


Let’s define this.


Spend a few minutes thinking about God and His ways. Think about His character. Think about the things He values. Try and create an actual list. Then, look and see which of the things you wrote down that are things you can imitate today. By doing so, you’ll be identifying yourself with God. See, told you it was simple.


  Day 3


Lesson 29, Devotion 3

“There is no one holy like the LORD; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.” - Samuel 2:2    


Here’s a question that might feel like you’re getting put on the spot. But think about it anyway. Here we go: If you used only your time as a judge, what is the most important thing in your life? (See? That wasn’t so bad was it?)


For most of you, the answer is "school." And that's not a bad thing. But what would be next? After you've given time to going to school and doing homework, what do you give your next largest block of time to? Sports? Video games? Work? Lying on the couch? The truth is, the way you allocate your time speaks volumes about what matters in your life. How you spend your time is your vote for what's really important.


Read 1 Samuel 2:2. Read it again. It's so short you might miss it. See that part where it says, "There is no one beside you?" That little comment is speaking about competition. It says, "Nothing competes with you, God. You're so holy and awesome. You are my number one." See where we're headed with this?


Using our earlier way of measuring, can you honestly say there is no one or nothing competing with God for your attention and affection? What does the way you use your time and energy say? Part of recognizing God as uniquely holy and uniquely worthy of our praise and devotion is adjusting our lives to put Him first. What about you? Is God alone at the top of your life?


Think about this:

  • Is there something you know of in your life that comes before God? What is it? Why has it taken such a place of importance in your world?

  • Do you believe God is perfectly holy? Do you believe He’s worthy of your affection and attention? Then what will you do to get things back in the right order?