AMPLIFY: Knowing God

Lesson 43: Knowledge That Transforms


Lesson 43, Devotion 1

In this week’s time of Bible study, you learned that our knowledge of God is vital to our spiritual transformation. As we get to know Jesus through our relationship with Him, we become more and more like Him. Compare our relationship with Jesus with our relationship with others. Some people are guilty of spending more thought on our earthly relationships than with our relationship with God.


For example, a guy wouldn't ask a girl on a date if he didn't have a plan about what they would do and where they would go. Yet we so often sit down to spend time with Jesus, and we have no real plan. We often get nothing out of our time with Jesus because we planned not to get anything out of it.


Today, I want you to write down a plan of how you want to spend your time with Jesus today.


  • What do you want to do? You could pray, read the Word, memorize scripture, sing a worship song, etc. 

  • When are you going to do it? 

  • How long will your time together last? 

  • What is the goal of your time together?


Having a plan is a great way to minimize distractions. It shows you’re serious about knowing God more.



Lesson 43, Devotion 2

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” - Psalm 46:10

Read Psalm 46:8-10. Here we see that knowledge of God should be spread to the whole world. God's mission is something that is still unfinished.  People who study world missions write about "unreached people groups."  These are groups of people who do not have any access to the message of the Gospel. They will be born, live, and die and will likely never hear about Jesus and what He did for them on the cross.


As we think of God’s mission, we can respond in several ways. We can pray that God would continue to be known by the lost. We can give money to support the work. And we can go. Today, here’s a challenge for you to pray.  


There’s a great website online called The Joshua Project ( that is focused on praying for unreached people groups. Go to this website today, and spend some time praying for the featured unreached people group of the day. As you pray today, ask God in what ways He may be calling you to put hands and feet to your prayers by giving and going.



Lesson 43, Devotion 3

The last two days, we’ve looked at being on God’s mission. Throughout this study, you’ve learned that knowledge without action is worthless. 


Today, you are being compelled to act.


Spend some time asking God what that step is today. Ask Him how He wants you to join Him on His mission to make His name known. Listen for His response. And today, or tomorrow, or next week when He shows you what that next step is, take the initiative to act.